Friday, November 1, 2013

Distractions everywhere

Hello Gentle Readers,

So what is going on with Warmachine? Well these past two weeks I've hit a snag in my play time. I've missed two weeks of the slow-grow league. Which was a real shame as I was doing fairly well. My office has exploded and my nice painting space has disappeared under a swarm of stuff.

Not that I like to do this, but I'm going to talk a little bit about what has been distracting me from my Cryx. First up, I played in a FoW event last weekend. I haven't played FoW in quite some time, and it is one of my favorite games. This was a mid-war event and I busted out my eastern front italians, fucilieri even. Yeah, that's right, my balls are that big that I play eastern front Italians. :)

Had a great time. First time playing V3 of the Flames of War rules. For the most part, good stuff. Came away with one win, one tie, and one loss. Can't ask for better than that. The event was the Northwest Invasion, and it was the second one that has taken place. Portland vs Olympia I believe. Next year we are hoping to pull in a Salem team. Already looking forward to it.

I also traded away one of my Dystopian War fleets, my French. I have to say I'm just not a big French fan. I got the fleet because it was a smoking deal at the time and I wanted to bolster my DW collection. However, I was offered the Meneoth Judicator as a trade for the army. How could I say no? So now I have a sweet new Judicator to put together. Holy crap that thing is big, and tons of pieces. Plus, lots of snipping to do on all of the resin. Hope I don't screw anything up.

I also need to admit that I got into a beta for an online card game that has been sucking up my time. I also enjoy playing LoL and MWO, so those always compete for modeling.

I've also been checking out Beasts of War lately. They are currently in their Kings of War week. Now KoW is about the only competition for Warhammer Fantasy that is out there right now. Mantic has done a great job of expanding that line. I've been interested in this because I'm currently on a anti-GW kick, and I have several fantasy armies collecting dust on my shelves. So could KoW be a way to play with my toys once again? Not sure yet. On the one hand, I really wish Mantic had gotten a bit more original with some of their units. Don't know if they needed to stay so close to GW. But on the other hand, it means you can use your existing stuff pretty much straight away in order to play their game. So right now I'm considering picking up a rulebook. Not a huge investment and the rules do seem like a nice break away from fantasy with some interesting ideas.

Oh, and one last bit, locally my friend Jeff is starting up a Bolt Action! league. Now I love bolt action and my german army has been sitting in its box since I got it. So I'm spending time putting models together for that game too. So as you can see, I got a lot of crap going on. But never fear, warmachine is right in the middle of it all. I just need to reorganize my office once again and get WM at the pole position. I might even need to break down and go online to buy a plastic Deneghra. That darn blade backpack keeps bending on me.

Until next time.

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