Friday, November 1, 2013

Distractions everywhere

Hello Gentle Readers,

So what is going on with Warmachine? Well these past two weeks I've hit a snag in my play time. I've missed two weeks of the slow-grow league. Which was a real shame as I was doing fairly well. My office has exploded and my nice painting space has disappeared under a swarm of stuff.

Not that I like to do this, but I'm going to talk a little bit about what has been distracting me from my Cryx. First up, I played in a FoW event last weekend. I haven't played FoW in quite some time, and it is one of my favorite games. This was a mid-war event and I busted out my eastern front italians, fucilieri even. Yeah, that's right, my balls are that big that I play eastern front Italians. :)

Had a great time. First time playing V3 of the Flames of War rules. For the most part, good stuff. Came away with one win, one tie, and one loss. Can't ask for better than that. The event was the Northwest Invasion, and it was the second one that has taken place. Portland vs Olympia I believe. Next year we are hoping to pull in a Salem team. Already looking forward to it.

I also traded away one of my Dystopian War fleets, my French. I have to say I'm just not a big French fan. I got the fleet because it was a smoking deal at the time and I wanted to bolster my DW collection. However, I was offered the Meneoth Judicator as a trade for the army. How could I say no? So now I have a sweet new Judicator to put together. Holy crap that thing is big, and tons of pieces. Plus, lots of snipping to do on all of the resin. Hope I don't screw anything up.

I also need to admit that I got into a beta for an online card game that has been sucking up my time. I also enjoy playing LoL and MWO, so those always compete for modeling.

I've also been checking out Beasts of War lately. They are currently in their Kings of War week. Now KoW is about the only competition for Warhammer Fantasy that is out there right now. Mantic has done a great job of expanding that line. I've been interested in this because I'm currently on a anti-GW kick, and I have several fantasy armies collecting dust on my shelves. So could KoW be a way to play with my toys once again? Not sure yet. On the one hand, I really wish Mantic had gotten a bit more original with some of their units. Don't know if they needed to stay so close to GW. But on the other hand, it means you can use your existing stuff pretty much straight away in order to play their game. So right now I'm considering picking up a rulebook. Not a huge investment and the rules do seem like a nice break away from fantasy with some interesting ideas.

Oh, and one last bit, locally my friend Jeff is starting up a Bolt Action! league. Now I love bolt action and my german army has been sitting in its box since I got it. So I'm spending time putting models together for that game too. So as you can see, I got a lot of crap going on. But never fear, warmachine is right in the middle of it all. I just need to reorganize my office once again and get WM at the pole position. I might even need to break down and go online to buy a plastic Deneghra. That darn blade backpack keeps bending on me.

Until next time.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Missed week 4!

Sorry sports fans, but I missed week 4 of the league. We will simply put it down to exhaustion brought on by a severe lack of REM sleep. My youngest has pneumonia which means she is coughing all night long, despite our attempts to suppress it.

So while I had full leave to go and play last night, I just couldn't summon up the energy to go. By the way, thanks for the advice on the pistol wraith, I will definitely give that a try in my next list. What really kills me is that I'm now looking at a 35pt game I think next week, with no 25pt games under my belt.

I may add another bonejack to my list, as I'm trying to do a Deneghra themed list. I'll need to look over the restrictions again to see how to qualify.

If battlecollege is right, then I think I can go with 2 witches, and 2 pistol wraiths, plus add another defiler. That with a full unit of mechanithralls plus a brute will take me to 35, and then I get a free bonejack on top of that. I'm not sure what the cost of that free jack can be. Based on the models I have, I'll probably just go for a third defiler. That means 5 arc nodes, plus the slayer, but I have denny and two witches to help boost them when needed. Thralls are just there for a distraction.

Any advice on the above list is greatly appreciated. I do have bile thralls too.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weeks 3 & 4

So week 3 came and went without a game. I have been playing on Monday nights and this past Monday, an opportunity arose which conflicted with the league. As that opportunity was spending quality time with the wife-unit, it easily trumped moving metal mini's around a table rolling dice.

Also, I'm still not sure how I should run my 25pt Cryx list. As I understand it, it is 25pts plus the jack allowance from the caster, and since I run Deneghra, that means 30 points. Right now I've been flirting with the following:

Battlebox Denny group
Add skarlock thrall
Add partial mechanithrall unit with Brute Thrall attached
Add warwitch siren
Add pistol wraith

I have all the models for this, so that is nice. I'm a bit worried about adding so many solos. I just hope I can figure out how to get the most out of them. I had also considered getting a second siren, dropping the wraith, and adding in a necrotech instead. That would give me two solos that could boost jacks, and a way to repair.

So do I go with pistol wraith, or a second siren plus necrotech? Leave a comment below.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 2 Recap

So Week Two is a 15 point game. My understanding of the league is that your battlebox (or equivalent) force must stay the same throughout the league. So basically, I got to add a one point unit. I choose the Necrotech and scrap thrall. Mostly because I had the models and I liked the thought of fixing my jacks if need be.

This week I got in just one game vs a very nice opponent named Josh. He was running a Circle alt-list. This would be my first game vs a Hordes army. He had two large construct warbeasts, a tree arch-node thing, a solo, and his warcaster. The game we played had three objectives on the table and you scored one point for each objective you sat on at the end of your turn. First player to 7 wins.

I lost the die roll and got to go first. I deployed spread out across the front, with most of my forces in the middle area. My first turn I ran everything up and originally was going to take two of the objectives, but he told me I couldn't score until turn 2, and that I may not want to get so close to him on turn 1. So advice taken, I moved those units back a bit. On my right, my scrap thrall went for the right objective, a deathripper went middle, and another deathripper went left. Denny and the rest followed up the middle.

His stuff moved up, and he buffed one of his jacks and built up some fury.

Turn 2, the left DR took the objective, and on the right, the scrap thrall took that one. Now he had his solo heading towards the scrap thrall. So I moved my defiler over near him and had Denny Venom him to death. My other stuff all advanced towards the middle, and for some dumb reason, I didn't take the middle objective. So two points for me.

Josh moved up a bit, his tree heading over to my left and zapping the DR, getting a crit and knocking him down. Some big fisted construct took the middle, while the rest moved up center a bit. He spells the other DR I think for a bit of damage and knocks him down too with a crit (his spell had a crit effect of knockdown).

Turn 3, I get a silly idea to have my slayer throw his warbeast off of the objective. All went well until he rolled a 6 and I rolled a 6 on two dice for the Strength test. Ugh. Should have just had the slayer rip him to pieces. Oh well. My other stuff stood up and Denny kicked off her feat. So at least his stuff was slow. Two more points for me.

Josh then had his guy pummel the crap out of the slayer, turning it into a wreck marker. He spelled the left DR again for little damage, and he spelled the right DR and turned it into scrap as well. He wins one point.

Turn 4, I move up my necrotech and pass my scrap test, and then roll a mighty 1 for scrap thralls. yay. I run the defiler around to flank his caster and miss it with the spray by one. Then Denny first throws a crippling on his other construct, and then tries to venom the caster for no damage. Still, I have to points, so now I'm up to 6.

His center guy moves off and beats my necrotech into pulp. Despite the crippling grasp, his other construct gets in range of the scrap thrall and blasts him. He does get another knockdown on the left DR, but doesn't finish it off. No points for him.

Turn 5, I don't have to do anything since I still have an objective, and the game ends with me at 7 points.

So I played smart (mostly) and took advantage of my speed and numbers to capture quick. Getting rid of his solo early really kept the pressure on. I was a bit surprised that he didn't commit more to my left, but he said he was really worried about getting close to my slayer. My other mistake was not letting the slayer go crazy-bat-bleep all over his construct. With Denny's feat and Parasite, the slayer probably could have finished it off with full focus.

For some reason I have this notion in my head that the slayer can't do enough damage. Hopefully that will get fixed by my next game.

Next week is 25 points! Holy crap. I have a few lists bouncing around in my head, and I'll post those up later this week.

Monday, October 14, 2013

As the Cog turns...

So tonight is week 2 for the League. I wasn't able to spend much time on my Cryx as I would like, but I have everything ready that I need.

Tonight is 15 point games, so basically battle box plus a one point solo. I went with the necrotech and scrap thrall. I know people are probably going to say I should have gone with the machine wraith, but I don't own a machine wraith. And truth be told, I like the idea of scrap thralls. I'm sure it won't work out and he'll get blown up, but who knows, maybe I'll get to make more?

I'll have to read the rules again for placement of newly made scrap thralls. Would suck if the very next turn you could just shoot one as they are all bunched up together and wipe them out with one shot. Eh? Who knows. Also, being able to repair my jacks won't be a bad plan either.

Most importantly, this is another learning game for me. My slayer seems to be a big target for enemy shooting, and keeping the necrotech behind him doing repairs sounds pretty darn good. I may also see about using Deneghra's knockdown spell tonight. See if I can set up some combos there.

As to painting, the models have their base primer color on them, and then a little bit of other base colors added. So nothing really to show at this stage. We will see how this week goes for adding more color. I have to say I'm actually a  bit worried about the slayer because I'm not sure how I want to separate the colors on him just yet. But I have my pallet at least.

So wish me luck. I hope to get in at least two games. I think that is all the stress I can handle. :) I know, I really shouldn't worry about winning at this stage in the game, but I can't help it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 1 of Slow-Grow League

So the local warmachine group called the Cog Collective is sponsoring a slow grow league. Basically a journeyman league for new players. Luckily for me, the timing was right and I was able to make the first night.

I've been fighting back and forth between taking Cryx of Menoth. Menoth had the upper hand on the connection part. Who knew it, but apparently I secretly want to set people on fire? Cryx had the upper hand with model collection. I already own enough to go through the whole league without having to buy another model. Plus, I've always been an undead player for other apparently I'm also a closet necromancer. Could be worse I guess.

Well it finally came to a head last night as I had to bring a force. And well the number one most important factor determined the faction...laziness. The cryx was already assembled and ready to go, so cryx it was. :)

So here they are. Now the Defiler in the back is my test model. He's looking quite funny right now because one side of him is painted one way, the other half is painted another style.

Well I happened to get two games in last night. The first was against a Convergence player. Now I already am behind the eight ball when it comes to faction knowledge, but I had no clue as to what this force could do. So my plan was to spread out my bonejacks, get at least one of them close to his caster, and try to burn him down with spells. The slayer hung back with Denny and just applied a threat up the center.

I put a little hurt on one of his jacks in turn two, but he healed most of it (darn convergence), and he countered by moving his warcaster up and shot my slayer. He did a good hit, but didn't take out any system, and then his heavy placed a crater around the slayer so that he wouldn't be able to charge.

Well as soon as he moved up his caster, Ghost Walk came to mind (due to some nearby woods between his caster and my slayer). So it was just icing on the cake to know that the tactic was going to bypass his crater too.

On my turn, focus allocated, Denny kicked off her feat, cast Ghost Walk, and then let the slayer saunter up and lay down the hurt on the warcaster. He was gone and the slayer still had two focus left on him. So not a win by plan, but I was glad for the opportunity.

My next game was against James and his Khador set. James was one of the hosts and had several factions to pick from. I knew I was going to get smashed. I have to say, I just didn't have a clue on how to deal with his jacks. I figured I would simply try the same thing against his caster, get a node within range and try to burn them down.

Turn three was my moment, his caster had popped out of cover to take a smack on one of my bonejacks. Now my plan was going to try to spell down his caster. But after looking at the board, he suggested another tactic. He had me line up my bonejacks so that one of them would slam the other into his caster, and then I would have a much improved chance to hit his caster. It had never even occurred to me that I could attack my own jacks. The dice panned out and down she went. I got two spells off on her, at dice -4. The first damage roll was just silly and I ended up doing 12 boxes to her (boosted). My second spell hit but no focus left for boosting...And his caster only had three boxes which I declared, "now this is when I roll snake eyes" and sure enough I did.

But due to the Withering, his caster really couldn't get away and his jacks were in no position to help. I got a third bonejack behind his caster, and with a boosted spell took the remaining points from her. I don't really count that as a win, but it was a great learning experience. Kudos to James for being a teacher over a player. Had a great time and now gotta start painting to be ready for next week.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crisis of Faith

Figliturally (trademarked) I am having a crisis of faith. I am all hyped on Warmachine right now. The crisis though has popped up due to Menoth. I was all set to learn the game and grow with it playing Cryx. I love Deneghra, I like the undead angle, and I got a great deal on figs and have room to grow. All should be right in the world.

But it isn't. I also got a small set of Menoth stuff a while back in the hopes that my friend Robert could use them. Well Robert went and got into Cygar instead (which is cool). But that left me with another book to read...and models to play with. And once I started reading the Menoth book...I really really liked it.

On a personal note, I've never been one to have a strong faith in the holy. Not a big fan of religion, and it took me years to finally come to a place where I am accepting and happy with my faith and belief. I have to say, I have always been jealous of those that have a strong faith. What an amazing thing it is to believe so completely in something that it soothes your soul and sets your mind and heart at ease. That sounds wonderful.

As a big roleplaying nerd, I've always been attracted to the divine classes. I think because I don't have that sort of belief, it is great to play someone who does.

Warmachine has a whole faction to play like that and it is really intriguing. Plus they have some great models. Originally, I was going to go with Feora and a bunch of flameguard. I like themed sue me. Plus, Feora seems so different from Denny in terms of play style. However, the more I've been reading about Menoth, the more I like Kreoss. He's a decent guy who does right by his men. How can you not like that?

So there is the problem. I have all this cryx stuff, which I like. But I also have a starter of Menoth which I could use instead. What do I do?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back again!

Hello gentle readers,

I am back. I was off on a fantastic vacation. Three words, Swam with Dolphins. In fact that may be my new indian name. :)

Thanks to all two of you who keep checking on this darn thing. I will be making some progress soon. Things are crazy at home as you can imagine after being gone a week. I have been working on a mechanithrall and with luck will get that finished within the next couple of days. I'm hoping it turns out well.

Thanks again for stopping by. I will be posting up more in the next few days. Also, my friend Robert finally took the plunge and now has a Cygnar force, so he and I will be learning the game together quite soon. :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

To be fair

So I posted up pics the other day of a new model I did because the orange paint scheme didn't seem to be working. However, to be fair, the first pics I posted lacked any shading done to the models. So last night I did a quick shading to the two test models to see how they would turn out.

Compare this to the last set:

Quite an improvement actually. Now even with that, I don't think the orange is the way to go. I do like the tan better. However, I am still looking for a good contrasting color. Now I might pick up the typical cryx green and find a way to incorporate that into the model. I still want the tan to be the primary though. Or, I can go with a darker metallic and see how that plays out. So the above two minis will be heading for the krudd kutter soon so I can repaint them.

Was super busy last night so all I got done was the wash. I am getting my scuba license and did an hour and a half in a pool and then had a futsal game after that. I am beat.

But very excited to be painting my Cryx minis. Can't wait to get a force done to play.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cryx paint scheme part II

Okay, so went back to the drawing board on the paint. The orange really wasn't doing it for me. It was getting more and more apparent that I was trying to force the color to work. So I went back and thought of something else.

He has the bright green in the vents, but that didn't really pop out too well. Also, the bronze is really close to the tan. There just doesn't seem to be enough contrast. I like colors to have a certain level of separation, and this model just doesn't seem to have it.

I mean it doesn't look bad...not like that orange by any means. I'm just wondering if maybe I should ditch the bronze and go for a gun-metal color instead? Or maybe some other darker metal (not bright silver though).

Maybe a contrasting base will help it out. Robert seems to like it. And I did this in just a couple of hours, so it was pretty easy to do. Also, the bright green I used was really watery. I had to put in several coats and it just never worked how I wanted it to.

I was using a paint from Val's Game Color line. I loved the color..but maybe I should see if PP has a matching one. I hate thin paints. I'd rather they were thick and let me thin them down. All in all though, a much better turn out than my first attempt.

Next up, a mechanithrall done in the same color scheme.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Test run was a little shaky

So over the holiday weekend, I actually got some paint down on models. I grabbed a defiler bonejack and a mechnithrall to be my test subjects.

The defiler was primed grey and the thrall was primed in zombie flesh (courtesy of AP). First color up was the orange. Now after rummaging through my paint stores, I ran across GW's old foundation orange paint. I really liked Foundation from GW. It did what it said and was fantastic for base coating. Unfortunately, while the paint worked great, the pots were crap! Most of them are completely dried out despite the fact that they were never used. I hate hate hate hate hate GW paint pots. Jesus GW, get with the program!

Rant over. So the bonejack started looking really really really orange. Cuz most of it is just armor plating. But I had faith and kept going. The thrall got the orange on all the armored fists, head, and back mostly. Not bad, and I'm sure once the dip/wash phase happened, it would be all good.

Next up the bronze color. This was my first screw-up. The color works well, I just didn't use it where I should have. I ended up painting some areas on the bonejack a silver..and those should have just stayed bronze. Good to note though for the future. The thrall just didn't have enough space. There were dots of bronze here and there, but no good solid piece. I think I will fix that by doing the fists in bronze and just keep the armor sections orange. Plus, it sort of looks like they have pumpkin hands.

Next up I made an iffy choice by painting some necrotic flesh on the bonejack...basically the area around the stacks. Can't say it worked well. I think that is going to go away.

My next blunder was to try and use purple for the witchfire effect (and thus on hoses too). That really didn't work out. So I'm going to go back to glowly green for that effect. I love my Clemson, but the orange and purple did not work out on Cryx models.

So all it all, it was a bust. I will have to strip these models and try again. But, it did get me painting and gave me some ideas for the next trial run.

Pics below. No shading was done to these models. I knew they were heading for the Krudd Kutter so why waste the ink? They might hang around until I get another test model I can use for reference.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Starting my Cryx

So this weekend I've decided to start painting my cryx force. There is a journeyman league starting up at Bridgetown Hobbies next month that I'd really like to get into. Which means at this point, it is cleaning the models up and priming.

The starter set models I have are older, metal models, so that makes cleanup a whole lot safer. I'm using Krudd Kutter, which by the way is typically safe for plastics as well. You just dip the models in for 24hours, and then brush away the paint. I've used it before on cleaning up some tanks for Flames of War. It also removes any white glue (typically used on bases).

As to the color scheme I'm going for, it will be a bit unusual. I'm going to go for a sort of Fall, Halloween look for the models. That means a flat orange for main color, a greenish brass for metals, and then purple for the witchlight. Any sort of other minor color will most likely be in greys, possibly black, but I prefer lighter colors so that shading is visible.

Pretty excited about this. I know that orange is not a typical color for Cryx, but I did see a few examples on the web and they looked fairly good to me. I happen to have quite a few Defiler jacks in my collection, so one of those will get to be the crash test dummy. I'm hoping it turns out well.

The one model I am probably most concerned with is the Deneghra. How exactly will orange look on her, and how far do I take it. Now I have the old metal version of her.

 Fairly decent amount of armor, but also plenty of cloth as well. So perhaps I keep the armor as orange like the jacks, highlighted with the brass. That leaves a fairly important cloth color to be decided. That might end up as grey as it will allow decent shading and won't contrast too much with the rest. Have to see how it goes.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh Nelly!

So I'm pretty stoked. This weekend saw the arrival of more warmachine via the postman. Thank you Mr. Postman!

I got my ebay lot of Menoth guys and the book. Woot! So I did some reading on that and got a little more familiar with those guys. I have to say, I'm a bit torn now. You see I'm an RPGer, and story and background mean a whole lot to me. So as I might have indicated last time, I was interested in doing a Feora list for the PoM. Chick with flame throwers...and melee-centric, plus I really like the flame guard units. But then I read her background...and well, she's kind of a bitch. And not like a cool bitch...but the kind you want to get hit by a car.

All said and done, I really liked the background for Kreoss. He's a good guy. He cares about his men, he wants to get the job done, but not at all costs. He has heart. The thing is, I'm not crazy about his themed lists. It isn't that the exemplars are bad or anything, they just don't really do it for me model wise. So I'm sort of torn at the moment. Kreoss or Feora?

Honestly, its all moot at the moment because I still haven't played a single game of MKii yet. I should probably do that before investing anymore into it. Yeah right. :)

Oh, and I also got in my Cryx starter plus a few extras. This was a Bartertown deal I did. Models showed up mostly intact. The ones that were painted were not done poorly. Pretty excited about the whole thing.

I also am reading the rules, which should help when I want to play the game. Of course being the RPGer, I'm reading the background stuff first. So sue me. I loves a good story.

So right now WM is riding high at my house. I've tossed out a fairly small amount of cash and have gotten some good returns for my investment. Now lets pray the game is fun and the people locally are cool with it. If that happens, I can see sticking with this for a while.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full disclosure

So yesterday, I happened to be browsing around ebay looking at Menoth stuff...cuz I'm a nerd like that. Lo and behold this wonderful small lot for a decent price. Now at first I tried to tempt Robert with it. It seemed like the evil thing to do. But he's most into Cygnar, so he didn't bite...though his gaze did linger a bit. :)

Anyways, I happened to put in on my watch list. Well right before quitting time, my phone rang me with a reminder that the lot was about to end. The price had not moved. Now see, I'm a cheap bastard most of the time. I hate paying retail for stuff...well let me rephrase, I hate paying too much for stuff, and most of the time, this hobby stuff is way overpriced. So when I see a good deal, it is really hard for me to pass it up.

I tossed in my bid, vowing not to raise it in case it got beat, and what do you know? I'm the proud new owner of some Menoth models. Told you I was crazy. Best yet, the lot comes with the Menoth book, so at the very least it gives me insight to another faction. All this for less money than a starter box. Told you I was cheap.

Beyond that, I thought I'd throw up some pics of my current Cryx collection.

And then I picked these guys up:

So a full unit of mechanithralls. I've already based them in my zombie flesh color. Next up, base coat the details, then dip and we'll see how these bad boyz look. I do need to get some of the big brute guys to buff the unit into true "pain in the ass" levels.

Now due to the color primer, the bases have gone zombie flesh too. I've noticed that most pics people keep the bases black. Is that typical?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Cryx, two Cryx, three Cryx, four!

Yay! My Cryx are in the hiz-ouse! Yeah, sorry about that. My kids won't be reading this or otherwise I am sure that they too would be ashamed of me.

Anyways, what is really important is that I got my Cryx army in. The models took a small beating despite their excellent packaging, so some repairs will need to be made. Now this force was listed as a eGaspy? force. However, it did list that it could also be used a small pDenny force too. Regardless, it was a pretty sweet deal and I couldn't pass it up.

I now have everything I need to start playing except for the rulebook. However, a very cool dude up in Seattle is actually sending me one and will be here in a couple of days. So by the weekend, I'll be ready to rock and roll. I also nabbed a cryx starter (basically) with a few extras on Bartertown. It only cost me my KoB fleet from Dystopian Wars. For those that follow my DW blog, no worries, I still have four other fleets and this was my smallest.

To help prep me for my future games of WM, I've been reading the Battle Collge on a daily basis. I have to say, it is in much better shape than when MkI rules were in effect. The BC sort of caused me to give up a bit when I would read "this unit is useless" under the descriptions. The site has done a much better job of listing uses and synergies. That promotes the game way better in my opinion.

The only downside to reading the site is that it can peak my interest in another faction. Right now I've been looking at Menoth and a Feora themed list. I've always liked the flameguard units and she seems like an "in your face" kind of caster, which is completely different from my pDenny style. Of course I'm getting way ahead of myself here. I need to play Cryx and only Cryx and learn the darn game before I go crazy with the buying.

I'm such a nerd.

Anyways, I've heard that a local game store is going to be hosting an escalation league for Warmachine next month. So if that pans out time-wise, it will give me a good environment to learn the game. Also, my poor friend Robert is trying really hard to stay away from this one. Heh. Of course if I end up liking it, he's a dead man. You hear that Robert? start saving your pennies man! :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another beginning??

Hello sports fans! So today I'm going to start blogging my trek into the game known as Warmachine. A quick history for this game started out many years ago. I was deep into the local competitive scene for warhammer fantasy. Lo and behold, a new game comes out from a NW company called Privateer Press. They start a new skirmish level game called Warmachine. Starter boxes were $50 and had some pretty cool models in them. Best of all fantasy steam jacks! Big hunks of walking metal powered by magic and steam. What could be better?

Well as it turned out, I didn't much care for it. I started out with Cryx (being the local undead player) and while I did love the models, I did not like the gameplay. Borken* sucked. So I sold off my small collection and didn't really look back.

A few years later I did a pretty sweet trade with a guy and got a huge Menoth army. I saw the game was still going strong and they had added a lot more units why not give it a try. Problem was, it was still 1.0 and borken. So found a buyer for my army and away it went.

A few more years later and I had a chance to buy a sizable Mercenary force for the game. Once again, good intentions and all, I thought it would be cool. But now it was 2.0, and not very newbie friendly. I quickly got scared off by the combo nature of the game. I was at a point in my life where learning another game system just did not appeal to me, especially one where I needed to know everything about the other factions in order to compete. So that army got traded away.

Now you ask, why after three failed attempts am I going once more into the breach? Well, cuz I'm a little crazy that's why. I have always loved the models, and truth be told, they aren't much cheaper than GW stuff. But I've reached a point where I think I can start small, and find some like-minded people to play fun games against.

So here we are. I have gotten my hands on Cryx again. I'm going to stay small, learn the game piece by piece, and hopefully have fun painting and playing. The hard part will be finding shelf space for the models.

* Borken was a misspell of "broken" which people frequently used to describe the game balance of Warmachine. It sort of became the tag line for the game. "It was so broken it was balanced." Yeah, I didn't buy that either.