Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cryx paint scheme part II

Okay, so went back to the drawing board on the paint. The orange really wasn't doing it for me. It was getting more and more apparent that I was trying to force the color to work. So I went back and thought of something else.

He has the bright green in the vents, but that didn't really pop out too well. Also, the bronze is really close to the tan. There just doesn't seem to be enough contrast. I like colors to have a certain level of separation, and this model just doesn't seem to have it.

I mean it doesn't look bad...not like that orange by any means. I'm just wondering if maybe I should ditch the bronze and go for a gun-metal color instead? Or maybe some other darker metal (not bright silver though).

Maybe a contrasting base will help it out. Robert seems to like it. And I did this in just a couple of hours, so it was pretty easy to do. Also, the bright green I used was really watery. I had to put in several coats and it just never worked how I wanted it to.

I was using a paint from Val's Game Color line. I loved the color..but maybe I should see if PP has a matching one. I hate thin paints. I'd rather they were thick and let me thin them down. All in all though, a much better turn out than my first attempt.

Next up, a mechanithrall done in the same color scheme.

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