Thursday, September 5, 2013

Test run was a little shaky

So over the holiday weekend, I actually got some paint down on models. I grabbed a defiler bonejack and a mechnithrall to be my test subjects.

The defiler was primed grey and the thrall was primed in zombie flesh (courtesy of AP). First color up was the orange. Now after rummaging through my paint stores, I ran across GW's old foundation orange paint. I really liked Foundation from GW. It did what it said and was fantastic for base coating. Unfortunately, while the paint worked great, the pots were crap! Most of them are completely dried out despite the fact that they were never used. I hate hate hate hate hate GW paint pots. Jesus GW, get with the program!

Rant over. So the bonejack started looking really really really orange. Cuz most of it is just armor plating. But I had faith and kept going. The thrall got the orange on all the armored fists, head, and back mostly. Not bad, and I'm sure once the dip/wash phase happened, it would be all good.

Next up the bronze color. This was my first screw-up. The color works well, I just didn't use it where I should have. I ended up painting some areas on the bonejack a silver..and those should have just stayed bronze. Good to note though for the future. The thrall just didn't have enough space. There were dots of bronze here and there, but no good solid piece. I think I will fix that by doing the fists in bronze and just keep the armor sections orange. Plus, it sort of looks like they have pumpkin hands.

Next up I made an iffy choice by painting some necrotic flesh on the bonejack...basically the area around the stacks. Can't say it worked well. I think that is going to go away.

My next blunder was to try and use purple for the witchfire effect (and thus on hoses too). That really didn't work out. So I'm going to go back to glowly green for that effect. I love my Clemson, but the orange and purple did not work out on Cryx models.

So all it all, it was a bust. I will have to strip these models and try again. But, it did get me painting and gave me some ideas for the next trial run.

Pics below. No shading was done to these models. I knew they were heading for the Krudd Kutter so why waste the ink? They might hang around until I get another test model I can use for reference.

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