Friday, September 13, 2013

To be fair

So I posted up pics the other day of a new model I did because the orange paint scheme didn't seem to be working. However, to be fair, the first pics I posted lacked any shading done to the models. So last night I did a quick shading to the two test models to see how they would turn out.

Compare this to the last set:

Quite an improvement actually. Now even with that, I don't think the orange is the way to go. I do like the tan better. However, I am still looking for a good contrasting color. Now I might pick up the typical cryx green and find a way to incorporate that into the model. I still want the tan to be the primary though. Or, I can go with a darker metallic and see how that plays out. So the above two minis will be heading for the krudd kutter soon so I can repaint them.

Was super busy last night so all I got done was the wash. I am getting my scuba license and did an hour and a half in a pool and then had a futsal game after that. I am beat.

But very excited to be painting my Cryx minis. Can't wait to get a force done to play.

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