Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another beginning??

Hello sports fans! So today I'm going to start blogging my trek into the game known as Warmachine. A quick history for this game started out many years ago. I was deep into the local competitive scene for warhammer fantasy. Lo and behold, a new game comes out from a NW company called Privateer Press. They start a new skirmish level game called Warmachine. Starter boxes were $50 and had some pretty cool models in them. Best of all fantasy steam jacks! Big hunks of walking metal powered by magic and steam. What could be better?

Well as it turned out, I didn't much care for it. I started out with Cryx (being the local undead player) and while I did love the models, I did not like the gameplay. Borken* sucked. So I sold off my small collection and didn't really look back.

A few years later I did a pretty sweet trade with a guy and got a huge Menoth army. I saw the game was still going strong and they had added a lot more units why not give it a try. Problem was, it was still 1.0 and borken. So found a buyer for my army and away it went.

A few more years later and I had a chance to buy a sizable Mercenary force for the game. Once again, good intentions and all, I thought it would be cool. But now it was 2.0, and not very newbie friendly. I quickly got scared off by the combo nature of the game. I was at a point in my life where learning another game system just did not appeal to me, especially one where I needed to know everything about the other factions in order to compete. So that army got traded away.

Now you ask, why after three failed attempts am I going once more into the breach? Well, cuz I'm a little crazy that's why. I have always loved the models, and truth be told, they aren't much cheaper than GW stuff. But I've reached a point where I think I can start small, and find some like-minded people to play fun games against.

So here we are. I have gotten my hands on Cryx again. I'm going to stay small, learn the game piece by piece, and hopefully have fun painting and playing. The hard part will be finding shelf space for the models.

* Borken was a misspell of "broken" which people frequently used to describe the game balance of Warmachine. It sort of became the tag line for the game. "It was so broken it was balanced." Yeah, I didn't buy that either.

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