Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full disclosure

So yesterday, I happened to be browsing around ebay looking at Menoth stuff...cuz I'm a nerd like that. Lo and behold this wonderful small lot for a decent price. Now at first I tried to tempt Robert with it. It seemed like the evil thing to do. But he's most into Cygnar, so he didn't bite...though his gaze did linger a bit. :)

Anyways, I happened to put in on my watch list. Well right before quitting time, my phone rang me with a reminder that the lot was about to end. The price had not moved. Now see, I'm a cheap bastard most of the time. I hate paying retail for stuff...well let me rephrase, I hate paying too much for stuff, and most of the time, this hobby stuff is way overpriced. So when I see a good deal, it is really hard for me to pass it up.

I tossed in my bid, vowing not to raise it in case it got beat, and what do you know? I'm the proud new owner of some Menoth models. Told you I was crazy. Best yet, the lot comes with the Menoth book, so at the very least it gives me insight to another faction. All this for less money than a starter box. Told you I was cheap.

Beyond that, I thought I'd throw up some pics of my current Cryx collection.

And then I picked these guys up:

So a full unit of mechanithralls. I've already based them in my zombie flesh color. Next up, base coat the details, then dip and we'll see how these bad boyz look. I do need to get some of the big brute guys to buff the unit into true "pain in the ass" levels.

Now due to the color primer, the bases have gone zombie flesh too. I've noticed that most pics people keep the bases black. Is that typical?

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  1. This is my favorite game Bro G. Want to get together next weekend and game?