Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh Nelly!

So I'm pretty stoked. This weekend saw the arrival of more warmachine via the postman. Thank you Mr. Postman!

I got my ebay lot of Menoth guys and the book. Woot! So I did some reading on that and got a little more familiar with those guys. I have to say, I'm a bit torn now. You see I'm an RPGer, and story and background mean a whole lot to me. So as I might have indicated last time, I was interested in doing a Feora list for the PoM. Chick with flame throwers...and melee-centric, plus I really like the flame guard units. But then I read her background...and well, she's kind of a bitch. And not like a cool bitch...but the kind you want to get hit by a car.

All said and done, I really liked the background for Kreoss. He's a good guy. He cares about his men, he wants to get the job done, but not at all costs. He has heart. The thing is, I'm not crazy about his themed lists. It isn't that the exemplars are bad or anything, they just don't really do it for me model wise. So I'm sort of torn at the moment. Kreoss or Feora?

Honestly, its all moot at the moment because I still haven't played a single game of MKii yet. I should probably do that before investing anymore into it. Yeah right. :)

Oh, and I also got in my Cryx starter plus a few extras. This was a Bartertown deal I did. Models showed up mostly intact. The ones that were painted were not done poorly. Pretty excited about the whole thing.

I also am reading the rules, which should help when I want to play the game. Of course being the RPGer, I'm reading the background stuff first. So sue me. I loves a good story.

So right now WM is riding high at my house. I've tossed out a fairly small amount of cash and have gotten some good returns for my investment. Now lets pray the game is fun and the people locally are cool with it. If that happens, I can see sticking with this for a while.

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