Monday, October 14, 2013

As the Cog turns...

So tonight is week 2 for the League. I wasn't able to spend much time on my Cryx as I would like, but I have everything ready that I need.

Tonight is 15 point games, so basically battle box plus a one point solo. I went with the necrotech and scrap thrall. I know people are probably going to say I should have gone with the machine wraith, but I don't own a machine wraith. And truth be told, I like the idea of scrap thralls. I'm sure it won't work out and he'll get blown up, but who knows, maybe I'll get to make more?

I'll have to read the rules again for placement of newly made scrap thralls. Would suck if the very next turn you could just shoot one as they are all bunched up together and wipe them out with one shot. Eh? Who knows. Also, being able to repair my jacks won't be a bad plan either.

Most importantly, this is another learning game for me. My slayer seems to be a big target for enemy shooting, and keeping the necrotech behind him doing repairs sounds pretty darn good. I may also see about using Deneghra's knockdown spell tonight. See if I can set up some combos there.

As to painting, the models have their base primer color on them, and then a little bit of other base colors added. So nothing really to show at this stage. We will see how this week goes for adding more color. I have to say I'm actually a  bit worried about the slayer because I'm not sure how I want to separate the colors on him just yet. But I have my pallet at least.

So wish me luck. I hope to get in at least two games. I think that is all the stress I can handle. :) I know, I really shouldn't worry about winning at this stage in the game, but I can't help it.

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