Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 2 Recap

So Week Two is a 15 point game. My understanding of the league is that your battlebox (or equivalent) force must stay the same throughout the league. So basically, I got to add a one point unit. I choose the Necrotech and scrap thrall. Mostly because I had the models and I liked the thought of fixing my jacks if need be.

This week I got in just one game vs a very nice opponent named Josh. He was running a Circle alt-list. This would be my first game vs a Hordes army. He had two large construct warbeasts, a tree arch-node thing, a solo, and his warcaster. The game we played had three objectives on the table and you scored one point for each objective you sat on at the end of your turn. First player to 7 wins.

I lost the die roll and got to go first. I deployed spread out across the front, with most of my forces in the middle area. My first turn I ran everything up and originally was going to take two of the objectives, but he told me I couldn't score until turn 2, and that I may not want to get so close to him on turn 1. So advice taken, I moved those units back a bit. On my right, my scrap thrall went for the right objective, a deathripper went middle, and another deathripper went left. Denny and the rest followed up the middle.

His stuff moved up, and he buffed one of his jacks and built up some fury.

Turn 2, the left DR took the objective, and on the right, the scrap thrall took that one. Now he had his solo heading towards the scrap thrall. So I moved my defiler over near him and had Denny Venom him to death. My other stuff all advanced towards the middle, and for some dumb reason, I didn't take the middle objective. So two points for me.

Josh moved up a bit, his tree heading over to my left and zapping the DR, getting a crit and knocking him down. Some big fisted construct took the middle, while the rest moved up center a bit. He spells the other DR I think for a bit of damage and knocks him down too with a crit (his spell had a crit effect of knockdown).

Turn 3, I get a silly idea to have my slayer throw his warbeast off of the objective. All went well until he rolled a 6 and I rolled a 6 on two dice for the Strength test. Ugh. Should have just had the slayer rip him to pieces. Oh well. My other stuff stood up and Denny kicked off her feat. So at least his stuff was slow. Two more points for me.

Josh then had his guy pummel the crap out of the slayer, turning it into a wreck marker. He spelled the left DR again for little damage, and he spelled the right DR and turned it into scrap as well. He wins one point.

Turn 4, I move up my necrotech and pass my scrap test, and then roll a mighty 1 for scrap thralls. yay. I run the defiler around to flank his caster and miss it with the spray by one. Then Denny first throws a crippling on his other construct, and then tries to venom the caster for no damage. Still, I have to points, so now I'm up to 6.

His center guy moves off and beats my necrotech into pulp. Despite the crippling grasp, his other construct gets in range of the scrap thrall and blasts him. He does get another knockdown on the left DR, but doesn't finish it off. No points for him.

Turn 5, I don't have to do anything since I still have an objective, and the game ends with me at 7 points.

So I played smart (mostly) and took advantage of my speed and numbers to capture quick. Getting rid of his solo early really kept the pressure on. I was a bit surprised that he didn't commit more to my left, but he said he was really worried about getting close to my slayer. My other mistake was not letting the slayer go crazy-bat-bleep all over his construct. With Denny's feat and Parasite, the slayer probably could have finished it off with full focus.

For some reason I have this notion in my head that the slayer can't do enough damage. Hopefully that will get fixed by my next game.

Next week is 25 points! Holy crap. I have a few lists bouncing around in my head, and I'll post those up later this week.

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  1. Yeah, Cryx jacks have too low a STR to reliably do power attacks against other heavies.
    Still, bad luck that he beat you on one dice.
    - juckto