Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 1 of Slow-Grow League

So the local warmachine group called the Cog Collective is sponsoring a slow grow league. Basically a journeyman league for new players. Luckily for me, the timing was right and I was able to make the first night.

I've been fighting back and forth between taking Cryx of Menoth. Menoth had the upper hand on the connection part. Who knew it, but apparently I secretly want to set people on fire? Cryx had the upper hand with model collection. I already own enough to go through the whole league without having to buy another model. Plus, I've always been an undead player for other games...so apparently I'm also a closet necromancer. Could be worse I guess.

Well it finally came to a head last night as I had to bring a force. And well the number one most important factor determined the faction...laziness. The cryx was already assembled and ready to go, so cryx it was. :)

So here they are. Now the Defiler in the back is my test model. He's looking quite funny right now because one side of him is painted one way, the other half is painted another style.

Well I happened to get two games in last night. The first was against a Convergence player. Now I already am behind the eight ball when it comes to faction knowledge, but I had no clue as to what this force could do. So my plan was to spread out my bonejacks, get at least one of them close to his caster, and try to burn him down with spells. The slayer hung back with Denny and just applied a threat up the center.

I put a little hurt on one of his jacks in turn two, but he healed most of it (darn convergence), and he countered by moving his warcaster up and shot my slayer. He did a good hit, but didn't take out any system, and then his heavy placed a crater around the slayer so that he wouldn't be able to charge.

Well as soon as he moved up his caster, Ghost Walk came to mind (due to some nearby woods between his caster and my slayer). So it was just icing on the cake to know that the tactic was going to bypass his crater too.

On my turn, focus allocated, Denny kicked off her feat, cast Ghost Walk, and then let the slayer saunter up and lay down the hurt on the warcaster. He was gone and the slayer still had two focus left on him. So not a win by plan, but I was glad for the opportunity.

My next game was against James and his Khador set. James was one of the hosts and had several factions to pick from. I knew I was going to get smashed. I have to say, I just didn't have a clue on how to deal with his jacks. I figured I would simply try the same thing against his caster, get a node within range and try to burn them down.

Turn three was my moment, his caster had popped out of cover to take a smack on one of my bonejacks. Now my plan was going to try to spell down his caster. But after looking at the board, he suggested another tactic. He had me line up my bonejacks so that one of them would slam the other into his caster, and then I would have a much improved chance to hit his caster. It had never even occurred to me that I could attack my own jacks. The dice panned out and down she went. I got two spells off on her, at dice -4. The first damage roll was just silly and I ended up doing 12 boxes to her (boosted). My second spell hit but no focus left for boosting...And his caster only had three boxes left...to which I declared, "now this is when I roll snake eyes" and sure enough I did.

But due to the Withering, his caster really couldn't get away and his jacks were in no position to help. I got a third bonejack behind his caster, and with a boosted spell took the remaining points from her. I don't really count that as a win, but it was a great learning experience. Kudos to James for being a teacher over a player. Had a great time and now gotta start painting to be ready for next week.

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